Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Start Your Own Full-Featured Newspaper For $100 Per Month!



Have you ever wanted to start your own newspaper online?  Well now you can, and for a lot less than you think.  Or if you're already publishing a print version, our newspaper hosting service and software provide the very best way for you to go online with your existing paper.

The old days of high startup costs are gone, thanks to the Internet.  You can now publish an online newspaper with all the features of a print newspaper without the astronomical costs required by the paper version.  You'll have articles, pictures, classifieds, sports, features, editorials, display ads, and even Yellow Pages listings and blogs, all for $100 per month!

That's right!  For $100 a month, you can have your newspaper hosted on our server and you will have unlimited use of the best online newspaper software available.  And you don't have to be a computer genius to do it.  There are no hidden costs, no percentage sharing, no special advertising fees - in short, no gimmicks.  If you sell hundreds or thousands of dollars in ads and Yellow Page listings (or obituaries, etc.) you keep it all.  You just pay our monthly fee and the rest is yours!  If you are a non-profit publication like a church newspaper or civic organization publication and don't charge for your services, then it costs you the monthly fee.  No paper, no ink, no postage, no hassles.

Our newspaper hosting service is so easy to use that anyone with basic typing skills can be putting up articles and pictures, and even classified ads after just a few minutes of basic training that we will provide free by telephone or email, whichever you choose.  Shortly after you access the software, you'll have your newspaper up and running.  All you have to have is access to the Internet.  None of the software is installed on your computer.

You can easily pay for your monthly newspaper hosting fee with the revenue of one or two display (banner) ads, or just a handful of classified ads.

Would you like more information?  Send us an email:  Or give us a call at 307-459-0081.  The information is free and no pressure will be put on you.  When you sign up with us, you'll get unlimited free technical support by email or phone.  For a detailed description of our publishing system go to our main website at